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*Please do not confuse Adsense with the Adsense Consulting Firm.
This blog is currently listed on page 1 of both Google's and Yahoo's search engine results for "adsense consultant"!

Here is a list of my services:

Adsense Consultant

/ Adsense Consulting

High-Paying Keyword List = $55this is a list of high-paying keywords that pay more Adsense money per click. You will receive this high-paying keyword list as a downloadable .pdf file.

* Some of these keyword terms pay $75 or more per click!

The more you incorporate these high-paying keywords / terms into the content of your site the more potential Google Adsense money you will earn per click!

Basic Service = $100
Basic services include a review of your blog and recommendations as to how you can optimize your blog / website to potentially earn more Adsense money.
A Customized List Of Popular Keyword & Search Terms For Your Website or Blog = $345.
This will be a customized list of popular keywords and search terms that are related to the content on your site. This is a listing of the most popular search terms that people are currently searching for. The more you include these popular search terms into your site the more potential traffic you will get to your site which will mean more visitors to your site which will mean more potential clicks on your Adsense ads!

Blog Analysis / Review!
Blog ConsultantAnd Consultation
Blog Optimization
Search Engine Optimization / SEO Consultant
Site Content Provider!

Basic Package/Servics starting at $100
* Please note that I do not review websites or blogs for free!

I have been using Adsense for a while now. When I first started I was so anxious to start getting paid with my blog. I couldn't add the Adsense code fast enough! What I have learned so far is that it takes time and providing good content is the key!
Getting traffic to your blog or website - well that is another matter! There are some things that you can do to bring more traffic to your website or blog and it won't cost you a thing - except the time and effort that you put into it.

Search Engine Optimization ConsultantSEO Consultant


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I Made It To Page 1 Of Google's Search Engine Results!

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Do you know what is involved with search engine optimization?
  • Your site has to first be analyzed for content and keyword potential

  • If you have specific keyword rankings in mind then your site has to be optimized for this

  • A current analysis of the keyword ranking as it appears in the search engines now

  • Relevent content has to be added to your website

  • Your site has to be analyzed for the results of the above work

Please include the following information about the site that you want to have optimized for the search engines
  • the site's url

  • the keyword(s) - up to three - that you want to optimize your site for

Once your payment has been received, an account will be opened in your name and the analysis of your website will begin.

*- You can follow my progress as I work to stay on page one of the major search engines by taking a look at my SEO Consultant Blog