Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Are PSA's?

PSA's stand for public service announcements - and they are ads for things like donating to charity, helping disaster victims and so on. You don't get paid for these kinds of ads and like the other poster said they usually appear when the adsense "spiders" can't find any content on your site that is attractive to advertisers.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Adsense Account Disabled, They Appealed and They WON!

Although there are many instances when there have been people who have had their adsense account banned or disabled, there are (fortunately) examples of those who have appealed their account and WON!

Read this thread to find out about one such adsense publisher who was able to get their adsense account re-instated!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 2008! - Payment In Progress!

The first place that I always go and check first to find out about the latest "PIP" is Webmasterworld Google Adsense Message Board! I took a look at it today as soon as I got online and there were already 8 more posts about the latest "payment in progress" line showing up. So excited that I was I decided to check my own Adsense numbers to see if the "PIP" line showed up in my own Adsense account and there it was!

Judging by the forum thread it looks as though places outside the US had gotten their "payment in progress" lines first - in places like Malaysia and India. But there are also posts from those in the US who have gotten their "payment in progress" lines too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Are You Earning More Or Less This Year With Adsense?

There is an interesting discussion going on in the Webmasters Google Adsense Forum asking whether or not people are earning more or less this year than last year with their Google Adsense money.

I thought it was an interesting question and I decided to check my own Adsense Earnings for the past 2 years!

It turns out that I am making more this year than I was last year with adsense - I would say about 40% more!

I chalk this up to being able to learn more about the Adsense program and continually working on my sites that have the adsense ads on them. Also too, as time goes by my sites start to build up traffic and more traffic means more potential clicks! I'm also working on putting more higher-paying keyword content into my sites.

So all in all I am earning more money this year with Adsense than I was last year!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Help! Trying To Add Adsense Ads To My Blog Posts?

What kind of "editing" are you trying to do to your template?

If you are using Blogger.com's newest layout / add page elements then adding the adsense ads between your blog posts is relatively simple to do.

However if you are still working with Blogger.com's older layout where you have to add the adsense coding yourself then it becomes a little bit more complicated. - however it can be done.

Here is a link to a blog (Rose's blog) that still uses Blogger.com's older layout where you have to copy and paste the adsense code in yourself - whether it be for the blog posts or for the side of your blog.

Oh and I should mention that if you want to add adsense ads to your blog posts using Blogger.com's older layout, then you should know that you don't get the option to place the ads at incremental blog posts - you can only have the option to post the ads under EVERY post!


is an example of a blog that has added the adsense ads under each blog post using Blogger.com's older layout.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

You Are Scheduled To Be Sent A Payment..........

I posted about receiving this message before noting that everyone who is scheduled to receive an Adsense payment would also receive this message too.

What I particularly noticed about receiving this message this is that again I am receiving it on the 18th of the month. When I posted about this before I noted that when I got this message on the 18th, my "payment in progress" line showed up on the 23rd of the month!

According to my obsessive calculations I have already noted that on a comparable month, the "PIP" line would show up on the 26th of this month (September 2008) but I have also noticed that January 2007 has the same date format except that September 2008 has one less day! During January 2007, my "payment in progress" line showed up on January 23rd!

Personally my gut tells me that my "PIP" will show up sometime between the 24th and 26th (which happens to be on a Friday which means no actual Adsense money in hand until Monday at the very least!) of this month.

We'll see just how close my calculation will be!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saturday, September 13th - The Adsense Site Will Be Down For Maintenance!

"There will be site maintenance this Saturday, September 13th, from 10 am - 2 pm PDT. That's a start time of 1pm (Saturday) in New York, 6pm (Saturday) in London, 10.30pm (Saturday) in New Delhi, and 3am (Sunday) in Sydney.

As per usual, you will not be able to access your account during the maintenance, but your ad serving and reporting will not be affected.

The AdSenseAdvisor

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm At The Halfway MarK........

I checked my Adsense numbers today and see that I am a little bit past the halfway mark of earning at least the $100 minimum needed to get an Adsense payment next month!

The good news is that it is only the 8th of the month and that means that I have the rest of the month to go to make at least the minimum $100 needed to get an adsense payment next month - and I'm already halfway there!

There seems to be a trend of people earning a lot less Adsense money than they used to and I can definitely see some lower numbers in my own Adsense numbers but I'm highly encouraged by the fact that those numbers can go up at any time!

You never know what keyword will trigger a higher-paying advertiser! Although there are high-paying keywords lists available here and all over the Internet, don't forget that your content can generate a high-paying keyword all by itself!

I made it! - September 11, 2008!

9/11/08 Update - I'm now just under $4 away from earning the $100 minimum needed to get an adsense payment next month.

9/10/09 Update! - Upon checking my numbers today I see that now I am about $14 away from reaching the $100 minimum!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Payment In Progress" for September 2008?

Just in case you're curious, I did some checking to see which month had the same layout as September 2008 and I came up with October 2007.

During October 2007, I got my "PIP" line on the 25th of that month. So that is what I'm estimating for this month of September 2008 - which is the 25th of the month!