Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My PIP Has Arrived!

Before checking my Adsense account I went to look at some of the Adsense-related boards and found that there were more postings about "payment in progress". This is always a good sign because the more that people post from the US that they have received their "PIP", the more likely that my "payment in progress" line is not too far behind!

So I noticed that there were a few more postings about the "PIP" and then I read them and noticed that a few people from the US had posted, I kept my fingers crossed, went to my Adsense account and lo and behold I saw it!

Payment In Progress!

Hopefully if you are also an Adsense publisher you will be getting your PIP soon - as well!

Monday, May 24, 2010

There Has Been A "Payment In Progress" Sighting!

I was looking at one of the Adsense-related boards and found that someone had posted that they got their "payment in progress" line today.

The person posted that they are from the UK and they get their adsense payment by check.

There have been rumors going around that Adsense pays those who get their adsense payments by check - Adsense pays them first - But Adsense themself has said that this is not true.

So at least someone has posted that they have gotten their "PIP" for this month - May 2010.

So at least that means that us that live in the States and get our Adsense payments by bank transfer - hopefully that means that our Adsense payments are not too far behind!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"You Are Scheduled To Be Sent A Payment......"

Well this little message showed up in my Adsense account today and it means that I will be getting an Adsense payment this month. I should really, really be grateful for this because so many publishers are experiencing such a low click-through rate lately!

So now that I know that I am scheduled to be sent a payment - all that is left to do is to wait for the payment - LOL!

Adsense payments usually are received by the 25th of the month which is Tuesday of next week!

So I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Low Click Through Rates Being Attributed To Interest-Based Ads!

I don't seem to be the only Adsense Publisher that is experiencing a low click-through-rate with their Google Adsense sites! I have been browsing some adsense-related boards and there have been many people posting about experiencing the same thing as well.

The low CTR seems to be attributed to Adsense providing interest-based ads. What this means is that - for example - if someone has just visited a site about flowers and then visits your site which is about cars, then the ads that they see will be about flowers and NOT what your site is about which is cars. In other words the google adsense ads that will be appearing on your car-related site will be more about flowers than about cars! Of course this will seriously decrease the number of potential clicks that your site may get.

You would think that interest-based ads would provide more in potential clicks because the ads are being based on the interest of the site visitor but it doesn't seem to be working out that way - at least not for the Adsense publishers who's postings I have seen - including mine!

There also doesn't seem to be a way to opt out of interest-based ads for the ads that are appearing on one's site.

There has also been talk of "ad blindness" meaning that visitors to Google Adsense ad sites are becoming more and more "blind" to the adsense ads that are appearing - meaning that they are not clicking on the ads.

I'm sure that there has got to be some kind of solution to this! I just haven't found out what it is yet - LOL!

Saturday, May 8, 2010 - The Adsense Site Will Be Down For Maintenance

Upon checking my adsense numbers today I saw that there was a message that the adsense site will be down for maintenance this upcoming Saturday, May 8, 2010. Here is the message as it appears:

"On 5/8/10, our engineers will be performing site maintenance from approximately 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM PDT."

Since I am on the East Coast that means (and I'm estimating here) that from 1pm - 5pm (my time) the Adsense site will be down.

Adsense assures its publishers that the site being down for maintenance will not affect their (our) adsense earnings and so far they have been right because I have not seen anything adverse happen as far as my adsense earnings go when the adsense site is down for maintenance.

So if you're adsense-addicted like me you're just going to have to find a way to get through those hours. I find that as the months go by I am getting better at this!