Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Pleasant (And Profitable) Surprise!

I have been doing some experimenting with my high-paying keywords list and went to check my Adsense numbers today and got a very pleasant surprise!

Usually at around this time of the month I am trying to get at least to the half-way point - meaning earning at least $50 - so that I still have the rest of the month to earn the minimum $100 needed in order to get an Adsense payment the next month!

Well like I said I am doing some experimenting with my own high-paying keyword list just to keep myself updated on what the highest-paying keywords are. I have used some of these high-paying keywords on both my and my clients' blogs just to see if it was possible to earn even more than the average for this time of the month!

I checked my own numbers and I am definitely past the half way mark! In fact I have earned over the minimum amount needed to get an Adsense payment for next month - and I still have the rest of the month to go!

Well you know what this means don't you? I'm off to put more higher-paying keywords in my blog posts! Maybe I could even double my current earnings before the month is out and use that money for more Christmas presents!


Anonymous said...

So, this month, you are way ahead of what you normally earn with AdSense. Are things still going this well for you? Update us, we are curious.

Sister2brother said...

I'm currently at just above the $600 mark! My highpaying keywords list is something that I am experimenting with and it seems to be working out just great! - profitably speaking - LOL!

Anonymous said...

That is great to hear. May I ask how many sites you have AdSense on? I am trying to gauge earnings and see if it makes a difference as to how many sites one has if you get a lot more earnings from AdSense. Thanks for this blog.

Sister2brother said...

If you take a look at my profile you'll see that I have about 15 blogs! Quite a lot now that I think about it - LOL! But a lot of my blogs have to do with things that I am genuinely interested in. Some of my blogs have to do with my consultation and professional work as well.

I would say that maybe 6 or 7 of my blogs are the major source of my Adsense earnings but I have been pleasantly surprised by the "occasional" clicks from my other blogs. There is a real kooky twist as far as having Adsense is concerned and that is you never know which click can give you $1 or more per click! I have had blogs that don't get a click for a day or so and then out of nowhere I'll get a click resulting in earning a dollar or more - just from one click! So you just never know! I mean using my high-paying keywords list has helped to increase my Adsense earnings but sometimes you can get a high-paying click without even realizing it!

Basically speaking the tactic that has been advised the most is for one to first make a site that generates a high amount of Adsense earnings and THEN repeat that site to make even more Adsense earnings!

Personally I do think that you need more than just one site to earn a lot of Adsense money and I really haven't seen any info on anyone that has become an Adsense millionaire by having just one site - but - hey - you never know!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information. May I ask which of your blogs are earning you the most AdSense income? I have a couple of blogs about environmental issues. Those seem to be picking up a little better.

Sister2brother said...

I'm not going to tell you exactly which blogs make me the most money but you can click here to see my blog post about how much money people have been making with their Adsense sites.

You will see from that list that a lot of Adsense money can be made from sites on many different topics and its just a case of getting enough traffic and using high-paying keywords in the content of your site(s) to be able to make as much Adsense money as you can.

Anonymous said...

So, how has your December been so far? What did you end up making for November? I'm glad to see you are doing so well.

Sister2brother said...

The November 2009 payment that I got was for my Adsense earnings from October 2009. Honestly speaking it wasn't my most best month but it also wasn't my most worst month as far as my Adsense earnings. As a matter of fact I would have to classify it as average - meaning somewhere in the middle.

If anything I see that a lot of Adsense publishers are experiencing a "lag" in their Adsense earnings lately and it seems to be the same with me - so far!

The thing for me to do now is to put more high-paying keywords into my Adsense site - it seems to be working for me very well!