Thursday, March 5, 2009

Google's Adsense Program Making Changes To Their Log-In Page?

As I normally do, I went to check my adsense numbers tonight and found that logging in to the site was taking longer than usual. I noticed that the log-in page looked a little different and a screen came up announcing that "secure" material was included and asked me whether or not I wanted to proceed.

So I asked myself "What's up with this?" and I immediately went to the message boards to find out what was happening. Here is what I found out:

It seems that Adsense is updating their site. To quote the AdsenseAdviser:

>The AdSense team has indeed been working hard on rolling out new features for you.

However it seems that there were some "bugs" that occurred when people were trying to access their Adsense accounts. Here is what the Adsense Advisor has said:

You're also right about the minor login issue. As soon as we realized it was happening, our engineers rolled back the change and we put out a blog post to explain what was happening (check out the Inside AdSense Blog for details). If you try to log in to your account now, you'll be greeted by the traditional login page.

I logged-in to my Adsense account just a few minutes ago and after a slow start I am able to see my Adsense numbers again (I have earned at least 1/4 of the $100 that I need to get an adsense payment next month - so far).

If you would like to read the message thread concerning this issue, just click here.

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