Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well! My PIP has FINALLY shown up!

I think that this is about the latest that my "payment in progress" line has shown up for my Google Adsense account!

It is now the 28th of the month with only 2 more days left to go in the month and I'm glad that my "PIP" for April 2009 has finally shown up!

It's not only me but there were a LOT of other people who were concerned about not seeing their "payment in progress" line show up. But now that it is starting to show for some, then the others can't be too far behind!


inday said...

my PIP is showing now too. Hopefully i can get my money tomorrow..

Sister2brother said...

April 2009 has been one of the months that Adsense has issued a payment so late! They blamed it on "bank holiday"!

What's that going to say about THIS month when the 25th is Memorial Day! - that is a 3 day holiday! So I'm curious to see when that "Payment in progress" line is going to show up this month!