Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Are Scheduled To Be Sent A Payment..........

Well this little bit of information finally showed up in my Adsense account today when I was checking my Adsense earnings.

Compulsive-obsessive that I am, I'm a little disappointed that this didn't show up on the 18th of the month because usually it takes a week between the time this message shows up and the actual time that we receive a "payment in progress" note.

Another reason for my concern is that the 25th comes on Memorial Day for May of 2009 and since that is a holiday and also a bank holiday, it may further delay when we actually see a "PIP" line in our Adsense account.

Now last month (April 2009) the Adsense payment came very late during the month and it was explained by Adsense that the reason was because of their being some bank holidays during the month which further delayed the receiving of our Adsense earnings.

So who know what this month will bring!

The monthly wait for the Adsense earnings has begun!

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