Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Do You Do Adsense Work?"

I got this in my email today and here is my reply:

Do I do Adsense work? The answer is yes. However it will depend on the type of adsense work you are looking for. Adsense publishers are posting about a decrease in their adsense earnings and a lot of them think that it has to do with the new way that Adsense is basing their ads. The adsense ads are more based on interest than on the content of one's adsense site.

So let me know what kind of adsense work you are talking about?

Adsense has changed a lot. I have been taking a survey of some my sites with adsense ads on them and I have noticed that the ads are based on the site that I came from and not necessarily on the content of the site that I am visiting.

That really changes things as far as adsense earnings go and a lot of adsense publishers are posting that their adsense numbers are way down.

Of course this doesn't seem to apply to all of the adsense publishers because some have posted that their adsense earning numbers are the same or have even increased!

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