Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Got My "Payment In Progress" Line Today!

Oh for joy! I got my "PIP" line on my Adsense account today! That means that I will be able to have some money to spend! I'm jumping with joy and glee!


Anonymous said...

Have you got your "You are scheduled for payment." notification on your payment history page yet? I usually get mine around the 19th. Is it late because everyone's AdSense payment will probably be on the 28th this month?

Sister2brother said...

It's interesting that you say that you get your adsense payment around the 19th of the month. That is VERY early!

Honestly speaking we really can't consider it "late" because the official late date is the 5th of the NEXT month.

However since the Adsense payments usually average the 25th of the month and the 25th falls on a Saturday this month it looks like you may be right - though I still have my fingers crossed that it might still show up today or even tomorrow. If it shows up tomorrow I'll be able to spend it more sooner!