Thursday, October 28, 2010

Payment In Progress!

Yep! That's right! I got my "PIP" finally!

Actually to tell you the truth I took a "day off" yesterday and didn't see my "payment in progress" until today!  I think that this is a first time in a looong time that I haven't obsessed about getting my "PIP"!

My "payment in progress" line showed up yesterday and the money is now in my bank account today!  (I checked!)

So this means that if you are an Adsense publisher and you are scheduled to get a payment then you should be getting yours soon!


Anonymous said...

Any News on when we will get a payment in progress this month since thanksgiving falls on 25th?

Sister2brother said...

Well like I posted just today I received my "payment in progress" today. I'm on the US east coast and I get my adsense earnings via bank transfer so it should be in my bank by Monday - although according to Rose she has found a way to be able to spend her Adsense money a little earlier