Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It doesn't look good!

Well it looks as though someone from the U.K. has posted that they have received their "payment in progress" for their google adsense payment. They posted that they get their adsense payment by check.

Usually this is a sign that at least the "PIP" process has begun and in similar situations like this people from the US start to post that they receive their "payment in progress" lines the next day.

It really is quite dissappointing that this process is coming so much later in the month. I really thought that we would be seeing it today at the very least!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I sure hope it is tomorrow (27th) we get a PIP so we at least know there isn't a problem. I have been looking over 4 different blogs trying to find out something! I am sure it is due to an Easter break that Google may have given their employees or something. I will be glad to see the PIP so the weight is off the ole shoulders. There are alot of people who talk bad to Google, and I don't think that's right. I can see if it was after the due date, but since it hasn't reached that point yet, I'm not too worried. I think it will be tomorrow for sure. By the way, I have read your blog for about 8 months now, and want to thank you for the updates!

Anonymous said...

PIP showing for me me! :)
Quite late this month though.

Sister2brother said...

There are a lot of different theories as to why the "PIP"'s are coming so late in the month. Some people think it's due to the Easter holidays but Adsense has not said why the "payment in progress" is so much later this month.

Ironically Adsense says that if one doesn't receive their payment by the 5 of the next month then they should contact Adsense. But (I can only speak for myself) I have become so spoiled because these "PIP"'s usually come around the 25th of the month - so when they come later than that then I get worried!

Sister2brother said...

Depending on our time zones it looks as though you and I both checked our "PIP"'s at about the same time today!

I do agree that it has shown later in the month - this month but I am just glad to FINALLY be getting it!

You are very much welcomed as far as the updates go. I didn't know so many people were interested in this but I'm glad to see that so many are