Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Payment Issued!"

I forgot to do this yesterday but I'm showing you a copy of my "payment issued" line for my Adsense earnings this month.

If I would have done this yesterday then you would see "payment in progress" instead of what you see above - which is "payment issued".

"Payment in progress" means that the process for getting your adsense payment has begun. When you see the "payment issued" line it means exactly that - that your payment has been issued.

Now if you get your adsense payment by regular check you could still see the "payment issued" line before you actually get your adsense payment and that is because it means that your payment has been issued (by regular check) but you have not received it yet.

If you get your adsense payments via bank transfer, then when you get the "payment issued" line - that should mean that your money has been transferred and should be showing in your account.

Have I spent any of my Adsense money yet? Of course I have!

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