Friday, November 25, 2011

My "Payment In Progress" Arrived On Thanksgiving????

Well imagine my surprise when I found out that my "PIP" arrived on November 24th, which just happened to be Thanksgiving Day!

Actually I wasn't even able to see my "payment in progress" line until today! Why? It seems that I had some trouble being able to log in to my Adsense account for the past few days!

I only learned about it when I went to one of the Adsense-related forums and found out that others had gotten their "PIP's" on the 24th. Even after I found that out I still wasn't able to log into my account!

Now I thought that since the 24th was the Thanksgiving holiday I thought sure that my adsense money wouldn't post until today meaning that I wouldn't be able to spend my adsense money until Monday!

But I decided to check my account any way and lo and behold the money was in my account early this morning!

As you can see below I got a "screen capture" of my PIP for November!

This is really a confusing kind of thing in that it makes figuring out the adsense payment process more confusing than ever! But I'm thankful that I did get my Adsense payment earlier than I expected.

It will be very interesting to see how it all turns out next month because the 25th of December is, of course, Christmas Day! In the past, the adsense payments have arrived just a little bit earlier during the December months, more often than not, so it will be very interesting to see when our "payment in progress" line will show up next month?

And to make things more interesting, I just looked at my calendar and the 25th falls on a Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! So that is going to make it much more interesting...........

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