Monday, June 25, 2012

I Got My Payment In Progress Line!

For some reason it seems that I got my "payment in progress" line on a Sunday - which is very strange for Adsense (and me) but that is what my Adsense account says?????? I do recall last year when I got my PIP (or at least Adsense says) on Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!! Oh least I got my "payment in progress" line so that means that I will be able to spend the money very, very soon!

Here's An Update On My "PIP"!

Like I mentioned above my "payment in progress" line was on Sunday, June 24th so I was kind of expecting that I would actually have the money in my account the next day - Monday BUT it turned out that I actually didn't get the actual payment in my account until Tuesday!

I think that very, very strange but what can you do?????

I guess I was getting so used to getting my Adsense payment the very next day that this really threw me for a loop!

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