Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas! My PIP Has Arrived!

To be quite honest I am actually shocked to see my "payment in progress" line today!

If you want to know the specifics, first I checked out the Payment in Process message board just to see if anyone in the U.S had posted that they got their "PIP" for December 2008 yet - and come to find out that they had!

So that's when I checked my own Adsense account and the "PIP" line was there!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I've been an avid reader of your posts concerning adsense payments.

I received my pin number at 2:00 pm on December 16 here in the Philippines. I checked a timezone website telling me that it's still 10:00 pm, December 15 in California, USA. I immediately entered the pin hoping that it would meet the deadline before 12:00 midnight in California time.

Now I am confused whether my payment this December will come, because I don't know what timezone adsense follows. I entered the pin on December 16 here in the Philippines while it was still December 15 in California.

My PIP still isn't showing. Will my payment be moved over to next month?

Thanks a lot!

Sister2brother said...

That's really hard to say!

If you haven't got your "payment in progress" line by now you may not have made the "cutoff" date and will have to wait until next month for your payment.

But hopefully by the time you read this reply your "payment in progress" line has shown up!