Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Need An Adsense Consultant?

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Adsense has a new help message forum and while I'm still trying to get used to it, I'm having problems posting to the forum. So here is a reply that I tried to post there:

If you do a search you will find that there are quite a bit of Adsense Consultants out there!

But you do have to bear in mind that you want to be careful when hiring one because you will privy them to very sensitive personal information about your account.

Exactly what kind of problem(s) are you having with getting your adsense ads to appear?

Also too while what the other person said about your having competitor ads appear on your site, you can always use section-targeting to target only specific content on your site so that you can keep the competitor ads down to a minimum.

When you're looking for an Adsense Consultant you have to remember that in order for them to place the adsense ads on your site you are going to have to give them access to your adsense account - something that you want to be very careful about!.

Comments Received:

hi ,i have website and i want to select a optimized positions for displaying adsense ad in my website

There are countless sites online that purport to have the best Adsense optimized positions but if you would like to contact me as a client, I will give you the best places to put your Adsense ads - information that has been provided by Adsense themself!

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