Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"You Are Scheduled To Be Sent A Payment This Month......."

Well I saw this message on my Adsense account page today and that means that the payment process has begun!

According to past months with the same kind of date format it looks as though I won't be seeing a "payment in progress" until Monday which will be the 26th of the month.

Now this doesn't have to be written in stone (actually I'm hoping that I will get my "PIP" much, much earlier than that!

(Remember the average estimated date that the "payment in progress" line shows up is on the 25th of the month and unfortunately the 25th of October 2009 falls on a Sunday!)


ThreadBeaur said...

I have been working to increase my traffic, to increase my google ad clicks. Thanks for all the tips on your page. Glad to see that google adsense is working for some. I will keep at it!

Sister2brother said...

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And actually the same kind of thing would apply to you increasing your click thru rate - the more the ads are targeted to the content of your blog the more interested your blog readers will be and the more potential clicks you will get.