Friday, November 27, 2009

My Sites Are Ranked #1 AND #2!

Right on the heels of me finding out that my using using my higher-paying keywords list more often on my sites has resulted in getting a higher ecpm number, I know found out that both of my Adsense Consulting blogs are ranked #1 AND #2 respectively!

Woo Hoo!

Getting both the top rankings out of over a million sites was no easy feat!

As a search engine optimization consultant (SEO for short) it is very important that I practice what I preach. Getting a high search engine ranking is not easy for most people. There have been some who have managed to get very high search engine rankings with little or no effort but the majority of us have to work at it!

Below are my current search engine results for Monday, November 30, 2009:

You can also check my search engine rankings periodically by clicking here.

As a SEO Consultant, I have to tell you that maintaing a high ranking in the search engines is also a very hard thing to do! You have to remember that there are constantly new sites coming online everyday and they will also be fighting to get into the search engines and that will mean even more competition for your own website or blog as far as getting high search engine rankings go!

Of course the higher your site ranks in the search engines the more likely you'll get more visitors to your site and if you have Adsense on your site then that means the more likely clicks you will get and the more money you will earn with the Adsense program!

There is so much competition to get high search engine rankings. Not only do businesses want them so do individuals who have their own websites or blogs! Of course you want your site(s) to be popular. The more visitors you get to your site the higher your traffic numbers and you could charge even more money to direct advertisers to advertise on your site(s). Of course there are some people that just want to have more visitors to their site and aren't really concerned with the monetary aspect of it. And there is nothing wrong with that either.

Of course this need for high search engine rankings has produced a few "bad apples" as well! There are ways that one can get high search engine rankings that are really not legitimate (they work but they aren't legitimate) and you risk the possibility of your site being banned by some of the search engines. But some of these tactics do work which really makes it harder for those with legitimate sites to get high search engine rankings. I have seen many postings online from people who have legitimate sites but they complain that their sites have a low ranking in the search engines and those sites that rank higher than theirs really have nothing to do with the search terms being used but yet and still they still rank more higher than the more legitimate sites.

So far in my opinion the only way is to "fight fire with fire here! Unfortunately that means that you're going to have to work at it.

If you want your site to get higher search engine rankings you are going to have to follow the advice that I give in my SEO Consultant blog and that is to do a search using the keywords that you want your site to be associated with. Look at the results of your search engine rankings. If you don't like where your site is ranking then you should take a look at those sites that are appearing higher in the rankings than your own site is. They are your competition for higher rankings. And if you want your site to be ranked higher than theirs then you are going to have to "OUT RANK them! Mostly this will involve working with the content that is already on your site but it also means that you will have to use other (legitimate) tactics as well!

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