Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Of My Results Using My High-Paying Keywords List!

The above picture shows the results that I have been getting using my high-paying keyword list! As you can see the results are pretty good! The majority of my ecpm numbers are $100 or above!

This means that the higher my cpm is the more money that I will earn per click!

Some of the more higher-paying keywords that I have been using can be incorporated into one's site if they know how to do it right! You can make a blog post and use high-paying keywords while still staying within the topic matter of your website or blog.

Of course another idea is that you could create a blog or website using one (or more) of the higher-paying keywords to earn even more money with the Adsense program. There have been a lot of people using this method to earn more money with the Adsense program.

As a side note I also noticed that my click-thru rate is getting much better! There is even one site of mine that got a click-thru rate of over 90%! I have had click-thru rates of 100% and even over 100%! This doesn't happen all the time but and I really think that it has to do with the subject matter of the site. The more interested that people are in the content of your website or blog the more likely they are to click on the ads that appear on your website or blog!

That's probably why the higher-paying keywords pay so much to advertise!

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