Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My PIP Has Arrived!

Before checking my Adsense account I went to look at some of the Adsense-related boards and found that there were more postings about "payment in progress". This is always a good sign because the more that people post from the US that they have received their "PIP", the more likely that my "payment in progress" line is not too far behind!

So I noticed that there were a few more postings about the "PIP" and then I read them and noticed that a few people from the US had posted, I kept my fingers crossed, went to my Adsense account and lo and behold I saw it!

Payment In Progress!

Hopefully if you are also an Adsense publisher you will be getting your PIP soon - as well!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I wanted to say that its great to follow your blog each month to see when there might be a PIP. Question, your blog says 9 days, 4 hours until payment in progress shows up. 9 days, 4 hours lands on the 28th. After looking at your payment history in your blog, is it possible that people will receive their PIP on the 24th?

Sister2brother said...

to tell you the absolute truth anything seems to be possible with Adsense and when they actually pay you. For the last few months I have been quite "bummed out" by how late in the month the Adsense payments have been. The general consensus is that the PIP's usually show up around the 25th of the month and since that is on a Friday I'm more or less giving some leeway here. I don't want to get too comfortable with saying that the payment will actually arrive earlier than usual - so I'd rather give a later date than an early date - just to be sure and to be safe.

It's always possible to receive the PIP earlier than usual but it has been my experience that you shouldn't get too comfortable with that because you just never know if the PIP is going to come soon or later in the month.

Anonymous said...

It's me again. I thought I would find a PIP this morning but there aren't any updates. Do PIPs always show up in the morning (PST)? Or do they show up in the afternoon as well? Also, is it possible that we will get a PIP tomorrow on the 25th (just wondering since it's a day before the weekend)? Thanks again.

Sister2brother said...

As far as google adsense goes it is really just too hard to say. I notice from your comments that you haven't said where your general area is and whether or not you get your adsense payment by check or by bank transfer?

As for the time that Adsense posts the PIP - that is just too hard to calculate! I have had my PIP turn up as early as 8am - my time which is EST - and it has shown up as late as 9pm my time - so it's not really a specific time that it can be pinpointed.

But the usual consensus is that the PIP is expected by the 25th of the month. Sometimes its sooner and sometimes its later.