Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There Has Been A "Payment In Progress" Sighting!

Yes that's right! Someone has posted that they got their "PIP" today!

The person that posted said that they were from the UK and they are receiving their Adsense payment by regular check.

I was debating on whether or not we would be getting our Adsense payments before Thanksgiving but now it doesn't really look like that is going to happen - although I haven't completely given up hope!

Even if we did get a "payment in progress" line that would still mean that the money wouldn't be "spendable" until the next day. However in this case the "next day" happens to be a holiday! But according to Rose though it seems that she has found a way to be able to spend her Adsense money a little bit early so if we did get a "PIP" showing in our account today she said that she would be able to spend it on Thanksgiving.

But it looks as though that is not going to be happening because even though there has been a "PIP" sighting, remember that it is from the UK and ususally in my case once I see that kind of first sighting my "payment in progress" line usually doesn't show up until a day later and, again in this case, that day later is a holiday!

So while I'm keeping my fingers crossed it looks as though I won't be seeing anything until Friday and even if that were to happen I wouldn't be able to spend the money until the Monday which is after the weekend which is like 4 (long) days away!

But I'm still keeping my fingers crossed - the day ain't over yet!

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