Saturday, November 20, 2010

"You Are Scheduled To Be Sent A Payment".....................

Yesterday I signed off at around 6 pm so I didn't see the above titled message until I signed on today! Does this mean that Adsense added this message on a Saturday? a weekend?

Oh well it doesn't matter (for now). But what does matter is that with the receiving of this message then that means that the "payment in progress" pre-process has begun! Meaning that since I got the message of "you are scheduled....." then that means that at least I am on the schedule to be sent a payment this month?

What are the odds of us getting out Adsense payments before Thanksgiving, since the 25th of the month actually is Thanksgiving day? I took a look at some past "PIP"s and I really don't see a trend of getting the Adsense payment before Thanksgiving - mostly because Thanksgiving doesn't fall on the same week during the past years.

Now I'm really hoping that we do see our "payment in progress" lines before Thanksgiving.......but we shall see!

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