Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Can I Add Other Ads To My Adsense Site?


"Can I Place Non-Google / Non Google Ads On My Website or Blog?"

In a word, yes you can have other types of ads on your adsense site BUT according to Adsense's terms of service agreement you have to make sure that your other ads do not look like your adsense ads.

Basically you can solve this problem by having your other ads in a different color scheme from your adsense ads color scheme - meaning make sure that they both don't have the same color scheme.

Other "ad" programs like Amazon and Ebay's Auction Ads can be placed on the same site or blog that you have your adsense ads on. Just make sure that they don't have the same color scheme as your adsense ads!


happyappy said...

Hi! I'm new to blogging and I had some questions. Can I post ads from businesses (not yahoo, etc)that I solicit myself?

Sister2brother said...

Yes you can post ads from businesses that you solicit yourself - but just make sure that those ad layouts do NOT look the same as your adsense ads layout does! because that is an Adsense terms of service violation!