Sunday, November 4, 2007

Making "Good" Money With Adsense

Is it possible to make "good" money with adsense? Yes it is. I am assuming here that "good" money means making enough money with the adsense program to live on.

There are scores of people making over $5,000 a month with the adsense program and if you want to be one of them you have to realize that you have to work at it. You can't simply "slap" together a blog or website and put adsense ads on it and expect to make a lot of money without doing anything else.

Remember that the adsense ads that appear on your site are based on the content in your site and the more you update your site the more different ads you will have on your site - which provides different ads to your site visitors.

There is another thing too. It is generally advised to start a site on a subject simply because it is a subject that interests you or is a subject that you are passionate about. You would be amazed at what some subjects that other people will find interesting. If you find it interesting then someone else will find it interesting. Adding the adsense ads is almost an afterthought because the main objective (at least in the past) was for you to have a site of your own talking about a subject that you were interested in or passionate about.

Now comes the question of having a site solely for the purpose of making enough adsense money to live on. That is possible too. If you want to have a site purely for the reason of making as much adsense money as you can and not having a site on a subject that interests you or you feel passionate about then that is possible too. What you have to do is find a subject that has a lot of interest for others - the more popular the subject the more potential adsense money you can earn. Now there are people that are doing exactly this but there is a lot of work to be done because your adsense earnings will depend on your traffic and how many people are clicking on your ads. If your site is about a subject that interests high-paying keyword advertisers then you make MORE money with your adsense ads simply because advertisers will pay a higher amount to advertise on your site and you get more money.

Here is a link to a previous blog post that I made about just how much some people have already been making with the adsense program. As you will see a lot of people on this list have sites on subjects that they care about and they still manage to make "good" money using the adsense program.

So if you want to add adsense to your site but think that you can't earn money with it then - unfortunately - you are sadly mistaken.

As I always say - if you are not making any money with adsense then you are just not doing it right!

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