Monday, November 5, 2007

The Sad Truth Is...........................

The sad truth is if you are not making ANY adsense money on your blog then you are probably not doing it right!

Is it possible to have a blog and blog about something you love and STILL be able to make "adsense" money? Again the answer is


However one of the main things that people have to realize is that you can't just "slap" together a website or blog, add adsense to it and expect to make a lot of money! You have to continually work on your blog. Add new (and more) content. Increase the traffic to your blog. If visitors are not coming to your blog then you go to your potential visitors and get them to come to your blog! Monitor and analyze your visitor count! Add a tracking stats code to your blog so that you can see where your visitors are coming from - that way you will know what led them to your site and you can work on getting more of the same traffic.

If you have a blog and are not getting the results that you want (or even any results at all) then ask someone to view your blog objectively. They may see something that you may have missed.

Many people are making money with the simplest of blogs. Why them and not you? Find out why!

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