Sunday, May 4, 2008

Adsense Consultant?

I have often mentioned the clients that I do and have had as an adsense consultant. You can also see a list of my clients on the side of this blog.

The majority of the clients that I do have have hired me to help set up their adsense accounts. In the majority of cases they didn't know anything about adsense. They only knew that they could earn money by having adsense on their sites and they wanted them on there. They didn't know how or didn't want to be bothered with the process of how to actually add the adsense ads on their sites but they wanted them there.

I decided to post about this because I saw someone asking about where they could hire someone to help them with their adsense. I first thought about asking "me" but I then came to realize that there is a lot more involved instead of just recommending myself.

Even though there is a process to actually adding the adsense ad coding to one's site, some people have found that process difficult and others like myself have found it to be not as difficult - although I have to admit that at the beginning when I first started adding adsense to my own sites I found it to be a little difficult but I think that that was only because I was trying too hard and I was too over-anxious to start earning money right away.

In hindsight I can see that when there is a process involved the best way to go is to go slowly and take one's time. Ever heard the saying "First comes right, then comes speed"?

Actually I have talked a lot in depth about how my Adsense Consultant blog is on page one of Google's search engine results for the term "adsense consultant" but the fact of the matter is that my blog is not the only site that is listed in those search results. There are a lot of links to other adsense consultants too.

You just have to be very careful about who you choose to be your adsense consultant!

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