Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm $19 away from earning the $100 minimum!

I'm striving to have at least a 10% click through rate as far as my adsense ads are concerned.

Every month I post how close I am to the minimum of $100 needed to be earned before one can get an adsense payment the next month.

I checked my adsense "numbers" today and see that I am about $19 away from earning the $100 minimum needed to get an adsense payment next month. I also see that I have earnings from both the search box and the adsense referrals so my total earnings are above what I earned from just the "content" ads alone. So I may be closer to that $100 than I expected.

As you can see there are no adsense ads on this blog. That is because the name of this blog is called "The Adsense Consultant's" Blog and the word "adsense" is part of the url of this blog. I thought about changing it but I have put so much time and effort into this blog that I'm going to keep it as it is.

I will update you all when I have met the $100 minimum.


Fakirs Canada said...

Hello, there:
I don't understand this post: it indicates that you are earning money from AdSense ads; and yet there are no AdSense ads on the blog. If I may ask, from which site are you earning the money from AdSense? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Marnie Tunay

Anonymous said...

"Exactly, anything related to your earnings will reflect on how much time you have spent making great content and maintaining your site. The thing is, just don't be lazy"

Advertisement deleted

Sister2brother said...

Someone has indeed asked this question before.

The reason why you don't see any adsense ads on this blog is because the word "adsense" appears in the url of this blog - which makes it against Adsense's terms of service.

I thought about deleting this blog but I have already put so much time and effort into it that I decided to keep it.

There are adsense ads on my The Blog Consultant blog and I have also started a bx error code blog as well that also has adsense ads on it.

Sister2brother said...

I should also add that I was unable to be online for a few days and I did reach the $100 minimum about one week ago. This means that I will be getting an adsense payment next month! - Goody!