Sunday, September 21, 2008

Help! Trying To Add Adsense Ads To My Blog Posts?

What kind of "editing" are you trying to do to your template?

If you are using's newest layout / add page elements then adding the adsense ads between your blog posts is relatively simple to do.

However if you are still working with's older layout where you have to add the adsense coding yourself then it becomes a little bit more complicated. - however it can be done.

Here is a link to a blog (Rose's blog) that still uses's older layout where you have to copy and paste the adsense code in yourself - whether it be for the blog posts or for the side of your blog.

Oh and I should mention that if you want to add adsense ads to your blog posts using's older layout, then you should know that you don't get the option to place the ads at incremental blog posts - you can only have the option to post the ads under EVERY post!

is an example of a blog that has added the adsense ads under each blog post using's older layout.

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