Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Payment Received And Some Of It Already Spent!

Just wanted to let everyone know that my adsense payment was received and I have already spent a good portion of it!

In fact, I was having so much fun spending money that I just didn't have the time to post about actually receiving the payment.

As a matter of curiousity, my "PIP" was received on a Friday which meant that I didn't actually get the payment until the next business day which was Monday!

According to my calculations, the "payment in progress" line for Novemeber 2008 is estimated to be on November 27th!


catherine2 said...

For some reason, my payment didn't arrive in my account until end of business day tonight! That's the longest I've had to wait so far.

Sister2brother said...

Are you in the United States?

To be truthfully honest no one can really calculate the precise payment in progress date - even Adsense has said that themselves!

It really is a hit and miss kind of thing but its safe to say that it should arrive at least by the end of the month!

I guess we have just been spoiled when that adsense payment comes a little sooner - although it doesn't guarentee that the same thing will happen during the subsequent months!

I think the latest that I have gotten a payment in progress line has been the 27th of the month!