Sunday, November 2, 2008

Political Ads?

I have seen some people posting that there are political ads on their sites when their sites are not political in nature!

While it's true that the adsense ads are mostly based on the content of one's site(s), I believe that there may be some instances where certain types of ads are running - in this case - the political ads - all because of the great "push of more awareness (and votes) of the election. We all know how heated this last election has been and there have been ads everywhere!

I also believe this same rule applies for certain movies (and maybe even some new books that are out) where the advertiser is maybe paying for a big "push regarding their products.

I have seen ads like this on some of my own sites that have adsense ads on them and I believe that they are more of a popularity thing as opposed to being related to the content of your site.

If it helps at all the ads don't stay there very long!

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