Monday, November 24, 2008

There Has Been A Payment In Progress Sighting For August 2008!

I'm a little discouraged though because I was hoping that my "PIP" line would show up today! - but so far it hasn't!

However someone has posted that they got their "payment in progress" line for their Adsense account and they are from Michigan. Again on a discouraging note this person uses the regular check option to receive their adsense. On another discouraging note someone else from Michigan posted that they hadn't received their "PIP" line yet - so one can only guess at the way this kind of thing works!

On a more brighter (and hopefully encouraging) note, usually when someone posts that they have gotten their "payment in progress" line it's soon after that everyone starts receiving theirs - so hopefully people (including me) will get them before Thanksgiving Day - which is nearly here!


Jackson said...

Mine for November 2008 has come on the 24th and its appearing

Sister2brother said...

Actually I'm glad for you! However it just doesn't show up on the same day for everybody. It would help to know if you are from the States or not and whether or not you use the check or EFT method?