Thursday, November 20, 2008

"You Are Scheduled To Be Sent A Payment This Month......."

this line has finally showed up on my adsense account. What it means (to me) is that the payment process has begun but the "payment in progress line hasn't been entered yet. Usually when I see the "You are scheduled to be sent a payment" line on my adsense account, it means that sometime next week I may receive the "PIP" notice!

This month is kind of "iffy" because there are a lot of different determining factors as to which date the "payment in progress" line will appear.

For one thing November has only 30 days in it but sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes the "PIP" lines come at a much later date - like on the 27th (which is what I have as the estimated date of the "payment in progress" notice.

Also November 2008 has the same date format as December 2007 except for November having only 30 days and December having 31 days! During December 2007 I got my "PIP" on December 24th - alas that was Christmas Eve and since the next day was Christmas I didn't actually get my payment until the next business day.

So this month is kind of "iffy" - As always I'm hoping for the earliest adsense payment as possible but I'm also hoping that it does not come AFTER Thanksgiving!

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