Friday, November 28, 2008

If Your Adsense Ads Are Not Showing Up Right Away..........

I was adding Adsense ads to a client's page and was concerned when the ads didn't show up right away but it says on the Adsense site itself that you should give it at least 10 minutes before seeing your ads!

Which is what happened in my case.

Just be a little patient.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My "Payment In Progress" Line Has Arrived!

Arond 2 o'clock this afternoon I checked my adsense account!

As you can see my "PIP" line has showed up for this month (November 2008)! My-oh-my what a long wait - and I haven't even actually gotten the money yet!

Being so so close to Thanksgiving, this money is definitely welcomed!

Monday, November 24, 2008

There Has Been A Payment In Progress Sighting For August 2008!

I'm a little discouraged though because I was hoping that my "PIP" line would show up today! - but so far it hasn't!

However someone has posted that they got their "payment in progress" line for their Adsense account and they are from Michigan. Again on a discouraging note this person uses the regular check option to receive their adsense. On another discouraging note someone else from Michigan posted that they hadn't received their "PIP" line yet - so one can only guess at the way this kind of thing works!

On a more brighter (and hopefully encouraging) note, usually when someone posts that they have gotten their "payment in progress" line it's soon after that everyone starts receiving theirs - so hopefully people (including me) will get them before Thanksgiving Day - which is nearly here!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"You Are Scheduled To Be Sent A Payment This Month......."

this line has finally showed up on my adsense account. What it means (to me) is that the payment process has begun but the "payment in progress line hasn't been entered yet. Usually when I see the "You are scheduled to be sent a payment" line on my adsense account, it means that sometime next week I may receive the "PIP" notice!

This month is kind of "iffy" because there are a lot of different determining factors as to which date the "payment in progress" line will appear.

For one thing November has only 30 days in it but sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes the "PIP" lines come at a much later date - like on the 27th (which is what I have as the estimated date of the "payment in progress" notice.

Also November 2008 has the same date format as December 2007 except for November having only 30 days and December having 31 days! During December 2007 I got my "PIP" on December 24th - alas that was Christmas Eve and since the next day was Christmas I didn't actually get my payment until the next business day.

So this month is kind of "iffy" - As always I'm hoping for the earliest adsense payment as possible but I'm also hoping that it does not come AFTER Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm Currently At The Halfway Mark!

As you can see from the picture above, I'm at the halfway mark as far as earning the $100 minimum needed to get an adsense payment for next month!

While this is only the 8th of the month that is a good sign!

My adsense numbers have been getting lower for the past 2 months but that is because I have had less sites with adsense ads on them.

But I did want you to see the numbers!

11/15/08 Update!

As of today, I'm currently $4 away from the $100 minimum needed to get an adsense payment next month!

11/16/08 Update!

I finally made it a little past the $100 mark today!

so at least I know I will get an Adsense payment next month!

Let's see what the rest of the month brings................

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Political Ads?

I have seen some people posting that there are political ads on their sites when their sites are not political in nature!

While it's true that the adsense ads are mostly based on the content of one's site(s), I believe that there may be some instances where certain types of ads are running - in this case - the political ads - all because of the great "push of more awareness (and votes) of the election. We all know how heated this last election has been and there have been ads everywhere!

I also believe this same rule applies for certain movies (and maybe even some new books that are out) where the advertiser is maybe paying for a big "push regarding their products.

I have seen ads like this on some of my own sites that have adsense ads on them and I believe that they are more of a popularity thing as opposed to being related to the content of your site.

If it helps at all the ads don't stay there very long!