Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Made It Past The Halfway Mark!

I took a look at my Adsense numbers / earnings today and pleasantly found out that I had made it past the halfway mark!

This is good news to me because it means that I have reached the halfway mark quite more earlier in the month and it also means that I still have the rest of the month left to make the $100 minimum needed to get an Adsense payment the next month!

I hope that this encourages people to see that it is possible to make at least the minimum amount of $100 that is needed to get an Adsense payment during the next month.

So far according to my poll numbers, there are more people who have said that they have earned less than $10 during a given month as far as their Adsense earnings are concerned.

I hope these numbers of mine encourage you!

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