Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My PIP Has Arrived!

As you can see, my "PIP" / "payment in progress" has finally arrived today!

Kind of odd too (although its greatly welcomed!) because I checked my Adsense numbers earlier today and was disappointed not to see my "PIP" line. So I thought that I would head over to the discussion boards to see what other people were saying and what I found out was that only so far those who were getting paid by regular check were getting their "payment in progress" lines. Another person posted said that they 'spect it would come on Wednesday - since they were a "senior" member I kind of resolved myself to the fact that maybe they were right and I resigned myself to thinking that I wouldn't get my "PIP" until Wednesday - thus not getting able to spend the money until Thursday (unless one knows Rose's secret for being able to spend her Adsense money earlier!

Being the obsessive person that I am, I decided to check my Adsense numbers a few hours later and guess what! - my "payment in progress" line is there!

Just goes to show you that sometimes even the "experts" or "seniors" can be wrong!

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