Friday, February 25, 2011

PIP! - I Got My Payment In Progress Line Today

Yes! I got my "PIP" today! Checked it at around 3pm "Philly"-time and there it was!

If I'm itching to spend the money today, I'm going to do what Rose suggested. She found a way to be able to spend her Adsense money a little earlier!

So the wait is over for this month of February!


Anonymous said...

Any Lucky guess at when we will get a PIP for March? 24th 25th? I know that your guess is as good as mine. LOL! Can't wait!

Sister2brother said...

I'm seeing posts from people in both Europe and the US who have said they have received their "payment in progress" lines today so I'm betting that mine will show up on Monday

Sanjeev said...

Great brother!!

even i had the same thing!

my payment is in progress but i am still waiting when it will show that
your payment has been issued..

cheers! ||Tech news and updates

Sister2brother said...

Since I get my adsense by bank transfer it usually takes one business day before it shows in my account. But I have since learned from Rose that there is a way to be able to spend the money a little bit earlier and I have tried it several times. So once I see my "PIP" I decide whether or not I want to wait or whether I want to spend some of the money now.