Thursday, February 24, 2011

There Has Been A Payment In Progress Sighting!

There has been a "PIP" sighting for this month - February 2011!

According to one of the more popular Google Adsense related forums there have been more than 1 or 2 people who have posted that they have received their "payment in progress" lines on their adsense accounts!

One person that posted is from the States and they receive their adsense payment by check. Even someone from the UK has posted that they have received their "PIP" and they get their google adsense payment by check.

So far no one has posted that they received their "payment in progress" - those who get their adsense payment by EFT / Bank transfer.

Although it seems as though there may be a ray of hope because today is not over yet and it seems that some think that maybe adsense will post "PIP's" for those that receive their adsense payment by EFT after 2 pm today. (It seems to have something to do with how banks will process direct deposits at specific times of the day).

So today is not over yet and I'm will keep my fingers crossed that my "PIP" will show up today.


J said...

Almost 4:30pm here in Canada, no PIP Yet.

Sister2brother said...

Well there was a small glimmer of hope yesterday when the Adsense site went down - I thought that maybe they were putting in the PIP's and something went wrong and that is why the site was down - but it looks as though their site was down for another reason.

If you check my most latest post then you will see that I got my payment in progress line today and since you are in Canada and not too far from me then you should be seeing yours soon hopefully

Pakistan said...

Got PIP in Pakistan 3:00 AM SaT

Sister2brother said...

Yes, usually when those in the US get their "PIP" everyone else is not far behind. Though I'm quite curious as to how that would work in Pakistan. Do you get your adsense money by regular check or do you get it via a bank transfer? I even know that in some areas (outside the US) Adsense also pays via Western Union but if I remember correctly about Western Union there is a fee involved.