Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Made It! My Blog Is Ranked #1!

Well I finally made it! My blog is ranked first for the search term

"adsense consultant"!

I would have never known this if it weren't for me checking my "stats" and seeing that someone was searching for the term "adsense consultant" and I decided to check it out myself!

This is quite an achievement for me - especially since I also work as a SEO Consultant as well!

It has taken me a few months to get to the top ranking! There were a couple of sites that were ranking above me and I was trying to figure out and work on a way to get my blog ranked higher than theirs and I finally managed to accomplish that!

It just goes to show you that I was right about the "content being king"!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see your determination and expertise got you to the number 1 slot.....well done :) .Interesting to note you are an Adsense Consultant and also SEO Consultant. To get to number 1 position what was the proportion of skill sets required from Seo and Adsense Consultant?.

Sister2brother said...

Well as an SEO Consultant I believe that it is a good idea to be at least able to "walk the walk" and "talk the talk" - there's no better way to show my expertise than to have my own blog on page one of the three major search engines!

I believe that everything is relative. The fact that I am an Adsense Consultant just enhances my SEO Consulting Expertise because I am in fact working on keeping this and all of my and my clients' sites top ranked!