Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There Has Been A "Payment In Progress" Sighting!

Someone from Greece has posted that they have received the "PIP" line on their adsense account. Another person has also posted that they received their "payment in progress" line also. They are posting from the Middle East!

While I am happy for them I can't help but remember back in December of 2007 when people were posting that they received their "PIP" lines on their accounts but all of them were located outside the United States!

I also keep an eye out for that first posting of a "payment in progress" line (since I never seem to be the first person to post that I got it) because when someone from the United States posts that they have gotten their "PIP" line then that means that my "payment in progress" line isn't too far behind.

The fact that someone outside the US has posted that they received their "payment in progress" line first has me a little worried about seeing my own "PIP" line!

I will keep you posted!

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Sister2brother said...

Another sighting!

Someone from the UK (who is getting their payment by check) just posted that they too have received their "payment in progress" line.