Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Do You Earn Money With Adsense?

I saw this question posted and thought that the answer would be obvious but maybe to some it's not. So here is my explanation:

You earn money with adsense when you put the adsense ads on your website or blog. When people visit your website or blog and click on the ads then you get paid!

How much you get paid varies too many ways to even try to attempt to explain it. What you should do is once you have your adsense account you should keep checking it to see how you adsense ads are doing. Once you have done that for a while you will start to see how the earnings "part" works and then you can concentrate on making more money with your adsense ads.

You have to earn at least a minimum of $100 during the month and when you do you get paid the next month - usually around the 25th! If you don't make the $100 during the month then your total earnings will roll over into the next month and so on until you do reach $100.

You can get your adsense payment by regular check, bank transfer and for some areas you can get your payment via Western Union. So far you can not get your adsense payment via your Paypal account - although a lot of people would like to get it that way its not an option yet.

Here is a link to a blog post that I made about how much money some people have been making with adsense.

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