Monday, April 7, 2008

"How Much Money Will I Be Able To Make With Adsense?"

I have seen THIS question pop up a lot on some of the online message boards that have to do with Adsense.

To answer this question in as few words as possible the answer is:

How much money you make from adsense will depend entirely on you!

People seem to think that just because they put adsense ads on their sites that the money will just start to "roll" in and that is not going to be the case for a mojority of us! Sure, some people have gotten lucky with their adsense earnings the first month but that is not going to happen to all of us. In fact I, myself made $22 my first month of using adsense and fortunately for me I have more than tripled that!

* - You can read about my quest towards making at least the $100 a month minimum needed to get an adsense payment the next month by clicking here

So far I have managed to get at least the minimum $100 earnings every month so far this year and every month of 2007 (which I can prove because I have had to pay income tax on my adsense earnings for 2007!

There is really no telling on how much one can actually make using adsense. The potential is there to make a lot of money with adsense but you can't really expect to just be able to put adsense ads on your site and just sit back and wait for the money to roll in!

Basically speaking you earn adsense money when visitors to your site click on the ads that appear on your site. So first of all that means that you have to get people to actually come to your site. And then you have to make it so that they will click on the ads. Now there have been a lot of people asking about how they can get people to click on the ads and there have been lots of theories and replies about how that can be done. I have my own theories and things that I do to help increase the number of "clicks" that I get on my own sites and so far it seems to be working quite well! (And fortunately for me my clients feel the same way too!

There are just too many variables that will determine how much money you will actually earn with adsense. What is the percentage of people that actually click on your ads? How much are you earning per click? Are you using higher-paying keywords to earn higher earnings per click? Is / Are your site(s) optimized for the search engines? In other words is your site top-ranked in the search engines when people are searching for information that is related to the content of your site? The higher your search engine rankings the more potential traffic you will get to your site and the more the potential of people clicking on the ads that appear on your site. The more that people click on the ads the more adsense money you will earn!

* - Again here is a link to a blog post I made about how much some people have been making with their adsense ads!

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