Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm $3 Away From The $100 Minimum Needed To Get An Adsense Payment Next Month.....

For the past few months I have been posting about how long it takes me to earn at least the $100 minimum amount needed to get an adsense payment for the next month. So far I'm about $3 away from that.

I'm going for an average of a 10% click-through rate and for the most part I am able to manage that. Sometimes its higher and sometimes its lower and sometimes it is right on the mark!

So far my average is a little low so far this month but you have to take into account that sometimes it is higher and sometimes it is lower so it averages out to be a little lower than 10% so far this month.

However since I'm only about $3 away from the $100 minimum I'm still doing pretty good because I still have the rest of the month - which is about 2 and a half weeks - to go!

I'll probably work more on adding more higher-paying keyword content to my sites to make the click-through rate cpm higher.

When I reach the $100 minimum, I'll post about it here.

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Sister2brother said...

4/13/08 - around 11am I finally reached the $100 minimum (actually I passed the $100)! This means that I will be getting an adsense payment next month for my April 2008 adsense earnings (and April 2008 isn't even half-way over yet!)