Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"I Can't Get The Adsense Ads To Show On My Site"

People are posting many, many times about how they can't get the adsense ads to show on their site. Here is one of my replies to this often posted problem:

Even though your post is more than a few days old hopefully you have found a solution by now but if not............

You have to copy and paste the ad codes into your site and if the ads are not showing then the #1 reason (adsense says) is because people are not copying and pasting the codes in right.

We don't know the html (or url) of your website and we don't know where you are pasting the code so we wouldn't know whether or not you are placing it in the wrong place and as a matter of fact we don't even know if you copied the ad code correctly?

It is not an easy question to answer especially if the person that needs help doesn't even provide a link to their site. It is as if they are expecting a magic to somehow reach into their computer and wave their magic wand so that the adsense ads "magically show up.

It ain't gonna happen that way!

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