Saturday, July 12, 2008

Am I Addicted To Adsense?

Actually the answer is yes! I mean the first time you get that adsense check you feel sooooo good! Then if you are like me you start of thinking about ways to increase your adsense income!

I took a look at my adsense numbers today. The weekends are usually the lowest-earning days. Mind you I said "usually because I have come to the conclusion that it is just too hard to pinpoint anything as far as one's adsense earning potential goes!

I do check my adsense numbers quite often and am pleasantly glad to find out that there are those who check their adsense numbers even more obsessively than me!

I start to panick if my adsense numbers don't change - even if its just one penny!

If you were earning money with adsense I'm sure that you would feel the same way!

And just think about those who depend on their adsense money because it is their only source of income!

Wouldn't you be addicted to adsense too?


Anonymous said...

I totally know the feeling, I am addicted to checking the numbers too... Even via my mobile phone :-)
The weekends are sad, since indeed, the numbers aren't climbing as fast as in the week :-)
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Sister2brother said...

I'm totally addicted to checking my adsense numbers! The absolute worse is when the adsense site is down for maintenance and it just un-nerves me no end!

I like seeing my adsense earnings increase! (and when they don't I get depressed - LOL!)