Friday, December 21, 2007

Can I Get My Adsense Payment via Paypal?

In a word "No". Adsense pays by check and EFT only. In some areas they are just starting to issue payments via Western Union but that option isn't available in the United States.

There are also some other opinions as to why adsense doesn't pay via paypal

"Google owns Google Checkout, a competitor to PayPal, so I wouldn't really see a reason why they would want to offer PayPal payments.

I've emailed them about this already and they said no, they are not and will be not offer paypal payments.

There are also some good arguments about not using paypal to receive your adsense payment:

not a good idea to use paypal, they take a percentage on YOUR hard earned clicks. PLUS ive noticed it takes 3 days to transfer your paypal balance to your bank.

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