Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How Long Before You Got Your 1st Adsense Payment?

I was reading somewhere on the boards about how it took one person a whole year before they got their first adsense payment.

Personally it took me three months to get my first adsense payment - or is it two months? I'll let you decide.

I first started using adsense in October 2006. I believe I made around $16 that first month - so I was really, really bummed that I wouldn't be getting a payment the next month. Well somehow I got over that but it just made me more obsessive the next month! For the month of November 2006 I earned around $99! - Yippee! I would be getting an adsense payment the next month! (Actually now that I'm looking at these numbers I'm thinking about what a good accomplishment it was to go from $16 during the first month to around $99 the next month. That means that I more than


my adsense earnings during my first two months!

Now it's your turn to answer this question. I have added a new poll to the side of this blog title - "How Long Before You Got Your First Adsense Payment?"

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