Monday, December 24, 2007


At last! The "PIP" line is showing on my adsense account! FINALLY!

Now here is an interesting predicament. Since the "payment in progress" line appears today (December 24, 2007) when will the earnings actually be "spendable"? Tommorrow is Christmas Day of course and unless the bank "overnighters" are working tonight I have no hopes of being able to spend my adsense money until at least Wednesday! I also noticed that the "PIP" appeared earlier in the day than it usually does. Someone posted that adsense usually waits until the banks close before the "PIP" process begine - not so this time.

I'll let you know.


Catherine said...

My Google Adsense account says payment was issued on Monday,Dec 24th, but as of 12PM Wednesday, Dec 26th, there is no sign of it in my bank account.

Previous months, I have found it in my bank account even before my Adsense account says payment has been issued.

Catherine said...

It's 10AM on Dec 27th, still no sign of payment in my bank account.

Sister2brother said...

Hopefully by the time that I post this reply you will have received your adsense payment in your bank account.

I have no idea (and you didn't mention) what part of the country you are from but your case does sound a bit unusual seeing that the "payment in progress" line has appeared on your adsense account.

If your payment still isn't in your bank account (or even if it is) please let us know.

A lot of people read this blog and I'm sure that they (as well as I) would like to know how your situation turns out.

Catherine said...

Finally, on Friday Dec 28th, my payment appeared in my bank account - after Adsense saying the payment had already been issued on Monday Dec 24th.

I'm sure it was because of the holidays and the banks being closed. Just thought it was interesting to keep track of it.

I am in Canada, southern Ontario.

Sister2brother said...

I'm glad that you got your payment finally.

I understand that there are areas outside the United States that have more holidays between Christmas and New Years - so there are more bank holidays which means that it will take longer to get the payment.

For instance in Canada you have a holiday called Boxing Day - which is a bank holiday meaning the banks are closed for yet another day.