Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Keeping Track Of My Adsense Earnings....

It is very important for me to keep track of my adsense earnings. Not just for my own personal information but as an Adsense Consultant I have to show that I am able to "practice what I preach" and one of the things that I do often "preach" is that one has the potential to optimize their blog for more adsense earnings.

As of today, December 11, 2007, I am well past the half-way mark towards earning the minimum $100 one needs to earn in order to get an adsense payment for the next month. I say this because so many people are complaining about how they are not making any adsense money at all. Now I don't have a lot of websites and I don't get a million visitors a day but so far I have managed to earn at least the minimum $100 needed to get an adsense payment for the next month.

For the month of November 2007 I did meet the minimum of $100 and I'm waiting for my adsense payment - which usually comes around the 25th of the month but THIS month the 25th is Christmas Day (and it also happens to be on a Tuesday which is the average day that the adsense payment in progress line appears). So its going to be real interesting to see when that "PIP" line shows up for the month of December 2007.

As a side note I have mentioned before that the earliest that I have received an adsense payment was on the 21st of December. I remember this very well because that gave me the opportunity to do some more Christmas shopping!

Update! 12/13/07 - I checked my adsense numbers today!

I met my goal!

I passed the $100 adsense earnings mark today!

So I'm assured to get a payment next month!

And the month isn't even over with yet!

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