Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Agony Continues...........................

As I mentioned in a previous post, the "payment in progress" line has shown up on my adsense payment history.

The problem is that it showed up on a Friday. Today id Sunday. When I looked at my payment history today (actually it was yesterday - Saturday) the "PIP" line had turned into "payment issued" which means (I'm guessing here) that the adsense payment has been issued to my bank. However since that was on a Friday / Saturday then it won't appear in my account until Monday because Monday is the next business day and there are no people working in the bank during the weekend. (Except for maybe a cleaning staff (-:

And if you're wondering yes I did keep checking to see if by some chance that my adsense earnings were in my account.

Getting that adsense money feels so good!

So it looks like I will just have to wait until tommorrow! At least I can be grateful for the fact that there is no holiday Monday.

So until tommorrow, the agony continues...................................

Update - The adsense payment showed up in my account on Monday (and of course I have already spent some it (-;

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