Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Tax Time! - I Have To Report My Adsense Income This Year!

As an adsense consultant I do have to "practice what I preach"!

What that means is that as an adsense consultant I myself earn an income from having adsense ads on my site. In fact I have earned so much income from adsense last year that now I have to report it on my income taxes! I suppose that I could complain and grumble about this but the fact of the matter is I LOVE getting and spending that adsense money!

Just in case you're wondering you have to earn something like $400 - $600 with adsense before you have to report your income.

This will be the first year of reporting my adsense income so I'm not familiar with how much I'm going to have to pay yet.

What I do know is that I can offset the income by claiming the right and relevent deductions. I am able to deduct things like the cost of printer cartridges and supplies. I even got a webcam last year so I may be able to deduct that as well!

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